Beware – Crypto Currency Scam Targeting Licensed Cannabis Businesses

The Cannabis Control Division has been notified that two licensed cannabis businesses were hit with a crypto currency scam over the past few days. The caller identifies themselves as management and convinces an employee to remove all cash from tills or safes, some have been instructed to break into the safe in order to deposit the money into a crypto currency ATM. Please be aware the caller may spoof management’s phone number. Please remind all staff they could be directly targeted. The CCD recommends creating policies or SOPs regarding cash handling and safety protocols.

In addition, the Department of Revenue does not contact businesses to demand cash payment be made to an ATM or request cash be delivered to a person representing themselves as an employee. Should you receive such a request, please call the department at (406) 444-6900.

Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council

The Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council has begun its work – click here for updates and information.

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