April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Do you know April is Alcohol Awareness Month? The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABCD) is promoting safe and responsible alcohol sales, service, and consumption.

Each week in April, ABCD will send information designed to share and encourage safe and responsible alcohol choices, sales, and service.

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Agency Liquor StoresAn agency liquor store is a privately owned liquor store under contract with the State of Montana to sell distilled spirits and wine to the public and alcoholic beverage licensees.
Alcoholic Beverage Licenses Description of types of alcoholic beverage licenses, alcoholic beverage retail license competitive bidding process, and making changes to an alcoholic beverage license.

If you are looking to purchase or sell an existing license, we maintain a list of available licenses.

Alcoholic Beverage Taxes The Montana Department of Revenue administers the state’s licensing, distribution, and taxation on Alcoholic Beverages.
Outreach and Training The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division provides support for licensees, agency store owners, and the public through our Alcoholic Beverage Control Outreach and Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service programs.
Alcoholic Beverage Control Publications Fact Sheets, License and Sales Booklets, and the Enterprise Fund of Reports.
Links and Information MCA, ARM, Quota Systems and Quota Sheets, Maps, Purchase Price Report, and much more.