If you received an identity verification letter, your return has been flagged for verification. Flagged returns must be verified before we can finish processing your refund. You don’t need to complete this process if you did not receive an identity verification letter.

How Do I Verify My Return?

If your return is flagged, you will receive one of the following letters:

Identity Verification Letter
This letter will ask you to complete the online verification process or send us the requested information.
Address Verification Letter
This letter will ask you to send us the requested information by mail, fax, or electronic file transfer service. There is no online verification process.

Once you’ve successfully completed the necessary steps, we will process your refund. If any item entered or sent does not match our records, the verification will fail. Refunds will not be issued until your identity or address is verified.

Verify Online

You can verify your identity online using our TransAction Portal (TAP). If you need to verify your address, you will need to respond by mail.

Step 1

Go to the TransAction Portal.

Step 2

Click on Verify Return.

Step 3

Follow the instructions.

You Will Need

When using online verification, you will need:

Your Tax Verification Code
This code is included in the identity verification letter the department sent you. Enter the code as it is shown in your letter.
Your Last Name
Use your last name as shown on the identity verification letter.
Your Refund Amount
The amount requested on your current year Montana individual income tax return:

  • Form 2, line 74
  • Form 2EZ, line 21
  • Form 2EC, line 13

Verify By Mail or Fax

If you prefer to respond by mail or need to verify your address, you must send the address or identity verification letter and two documents, one from each category:

Category One

  • Montana driver’s license (current or expired less than one year)
  • Driver’s license from any other state (current)
  • State identification card
  • Passport
  • Government issued photo identification

Category Two

A document copy less than 3 months old with your full name and complete address matching those on your currently filed return, such as:

  • Utility bill (gas, electric, cable, cell phone, etc.)
  • Bank statement
  • Payroll stub
  • Tax bill
  • Rental agreement (signed by landlord and renter)
  • College or university transcript
  • Insurance policy (vehicle, homeowners, renters, health, life)
  • Credit card statement

Please Note: Do not mail original documents. We cannot return them. Fax and electronic transfer options are also included below.

Submission Options

Montana Department of Revenue
Attn: Verification Letter
P.O. Box 7149
Helena, MT 59604-7149
ATTN: Verification Letter
(406) 444-6642
Electronic File Transfer
Our secure file transfer service, ePass Montana, is available at http://transfer.mt.gov.

We will not accept documents sent via email.

Please do not send original documents since they will not be returned.

Other Helpful Information