Liquor Warehouse Expansion Project

Did you know the Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division is in the process of expanding its liquor warehouse?

3D model depicting the completed Liquor Warehouse Expansion Project

It’s true! During the 2021 and 2023 Montana Legislative Sessions, the department was fortunate to receive funding to start an expansion project.

The warehouse is located in Helena and is the hub where all liquor products are shipped before being sold throughout the state of Montana. More than 1 million cases of liquor are shipped from the warehouse each year to 95 privately owned agency liquor stores located throughout the state of Montana.

The current facility was built in the late 1970s, specifically for the department’s liquor operations. However, liquor sales have continuously increased each year, creating the need for additional space.

The department has been working with CWG Architecture for several months on the design and the project has been awarded to a contractor.

The expansion project will include a 30,000-square-foot addition to the south side of the current facility (depicted in the darker brown color in the picture).

The addition will be twice as tall as the current facility and equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system.

Pallets of liquor will be placed on a conveyor system. The automated storage and retrieval system will have two cranes that will take the pallets of liquor and automatically store and recall products as needed.

By using an automated storage and retrieval system it will allow the department to store a greater number of pallets of liquor than it could with other racking systems.

The project is estimated to be completed by April 2025.

Check back periodically for additional updates and progress.

May 2024

The installation of several storm water tanks took place in the center of the truck circulation area.  Despite the work, incoming and outgoing trucks were able successfully navigate the area with little to no impact.  Below is a picture of the area being excavated, temporary pilings going in, the storm water tanks being installed, and recovering the area with dirt.

A panoramic view of the liquor warehouse construction site showing a large dirt excavation area with multiple construction vehicles and equipment against a cloudy sky. Semi-trucks and trailers are parked in the distance.
Close-up of a construction worker wearing an orange vest and helmet, working next to a large excavation pit with a heavy drill machine inserting a piling into the ground. Construction barriers and equipment are visible around the site.
Overcast sky above a construction site with two large excavators digging in a fenced-off area filled with dirt, construction materials, and yellow corrugated pipes laid on the ground.
Elevated view of the liquor warehouse construction site featuring heavy machinery, including a bulldozer and an excavator working around a large, deep excavation with protective barriers and construction workers visible.

On the southside of the property, work continues on the footings and the start of the foundation walls.

Aerial view of the liquor warehouse construction site with multiple areas of excavation and construction machinery. The area is surrounded by industrial buildings under a clear sky.
A long trench reinforced with wooden and steel beam footings with scattered construction materials and machinery, lined with the beginnings of the foundation walls.

Past Updates

Lots of work continues at the state liquor warehouse on its expansion project with the footings of the new building being the most noticeable.

Early morning construction site preparation
Concrete work with a red pump truck
Construction workers managing a concrete pump
Concrete being poured into trench foundations
View of concrete foundation work
Detailed shot of concrete footings installation

In preparation for the installation of several large storm water tanks in the receiving area of the state liquor warehouse, the construction crew is building a temporary semi-truck approach on the property immediately to the west to enable the operations of the liquor warehouse to continue. Without this approach, semi-trucks would be unable to back up to our receiving doors.

Semi-approach construction site

On-site work has officially commenced on the liquor warehouse expansion project. The first stage involves rerouting a sewer pipe that crosses the job site. This work is estimated to take a few weeks.

Below are a few pictures of this portion of the project.

Liquor Warehouse construction site during winter of 2024. Large green pipes rest beside the snow in front of a yellow excavator. A construction worker wearing a high-visibility vest stands between two large excavators on the liquor warehouse worksite. Liquor Warehouse Construction Site marked by orange traffic cones with two large excavators in the background.