ABCD License Renewals – 2023 News and Reminders

May 12, 2023

As you complete and submit your license renewals this year, please note the following changes:

For On-Premises or Misc Accounts

The officer/directors table was removed from the renewal except for the following licensees:

  • Airline carrier
  • CCRC
  • Golf Course Beer and Wine
  • National Fraternal
  • Nationally Chart
  • Veterans
  • Non-Profit Arts
  • Officer’s Club
  • Public Airport
  • Railroad Carrier

These licensees will be required to complete the table to verify their officers. The new language on these accounts reads:

Officers/Directors are required to be vetted if they have a vote/decision making authority in the day-to-day operations of the business, responsibility for ensuring compliance and/or authority to represent the entity in decision-making or act as a signatory.

Catering endorsement change:

If you have a catering endorsement, you need to answer whether you have catered any events in the past year and how many catered events you had in the past year.

Use TAP for faster processing and more

Faster processing:
Did you know that filing on TAP results in faster processing? It’s easy to sign up if you don’t have an account yet. Licensees can access and print their licenses once the renewal is processed without waiting for snail mail.  Filing on TAP also ensures required information isn’t missing, which can cause delays in processing the renewal and issuing the license.
Pay your renewal fee online:
When filing on TAP, why not take advantage of the opportunity to pay your renewal fee along with your renewal submission? Licensees should select “Renewal Payment” to do so.
Don’t select “License Payment”. Choosing the wrong payment type will cause delays in processing the renewal and issuance of the license.
Online document submission:
Does your renewal require documentation to be attached or submitted with it? You can attach documents to your TAP submission.  If a licensee has a new loan, please attach the loan documents.
Are you adding or removing a secured party? Attach the completed secured party form.
Paper applications:
If you submit your application via paper, be sure to complete all sections in their entirety and sign the renewal. Missing information and signatures will delay processing.
Avoid late payment penalty fees:
Never have a late payment fee again by submitting your payment with your renewal applications. Renewal payments are due by June 30th.

Tutorials available

ABCD offers tutorials on TAP on its website for new licensees or renewing ones wishing to refresh their knowledge.