Cannabis Control Division Warns of Scams

November 12, 2021

The Cannabis Control Division recently learned of a scam involving individuals who represented themselves as employees of the Cannabis Control Division (CCD).

Because of this scam, we are reaching out to ensure that you know how to verify if you are working with a legitimate department representative and what you can expect to take place during an official interaction with one of our CCD Inspectors.

  • CCD Inspectors are issued State of Montana, Department of Revenue, CCD Identification, with an employee identification number. Our Inspectors are always required to have their identification available and will present it to you if asked.
  • CCD Inspectors will always drive to locations in State-issued vehicles that can easily be identified by the Motor pool decal in the back window and state-issued license plates.
  • CCD Inspectors will only focus on regulation and lawful compliance during an inspection.
  • CCD Inspectors will never ask to be given any compensation of any kind (money orders, crypto currency, checks, cash, products, etc.) in any correspondence forms (e-mail, phone, text, in person) for any reason (taxes owed, fees, child support, etc.)
  • Taxes owed are something that will only be mentioned (via e-mail, phone call, in person) by the CCD Inspector to make the Provider aware that there is a tax issue that could delay their application approval.
  • If the Provider is non-compliant with taxes, the CCD Inspector’s only action will be to give the provider a contact e-mail/phone number to discuss the tax issue with the tax examiner.
  • CCD Inspectors are not qualified to discuss in detail any money owed and will always refer the Provider to the person/organization that is qualified to assist the Provider.
  • CCD Inspectors will never ask the Provider to pay any amount of money while conducting an inspection.
  • CCD Inspectors rarely conduct inspections after 5pm. If an inspection does occur after 5pm, it will be a previously scheduled inspection and the provider would be notified in advance.
  • Any e-mail or phone correspondence with the CCD Inspector is always from a state issued phone or e-mail address.

If you are ever unsure about an individual who is presenting themselves as a department’s Inspector, and the above details have not clarified your uncertainty, please feel free to contact us (406) 444-0596 or by email at and we will assist you in verifying the individual’s identity.