Concentrate Facts 101

What are marijuana concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates are extracted marijuana products that contain high levels of active ingredients from the marijuana plant, including delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is a cannabinoid known for its psychoactive effects (producing the feeling of being high).

These concentrates only include select parts of the plant. NOTE: Concentrates are potent in strength and are recommended only to consumers with a higher tolerance to marijuana and/or are experienced consumers.

Concentrates can range from 50% to 98% delta-9 THC. For comparison, marijuana flower typically ranges from 12% to 30% THC.

Concentrates can be consumed by smoking, vaping, and dabbing.

Dabbing is a method of concentrate consumption where consumers utilize a “dab rig” or pipe specifically designed for concentrates to produce marijuana vapors.

A dab rig or pipe is used to consume marijuana concentrates.

Recommended serving sizes for concentrates are much smaller than compared to marijuana and other marijuana-related products, as they are a more potent form of marijuana.

• Start low and go slow! You can consume more but you can never consume less.
• Be sure to keep all marijuana and marijuana products locked and stored away from access to minors and pets
• If utilizing a dab rig (or other related device) to consume, concentrates can become extremely hot. Use caution!

Marijuana concentrates are processed into oils, waxes, and additional forms.

Here are a few examples of marijuana concentrates:

Some methods include:

• Using solvents, like propane or butane to isolate the desired active ingredients (chemical manufacturing).

• Pressing marijuana flower with heat or pressure (mechanical manufacturing).

• Separating the desired flower and active ingredients by shaking, grinding, and using cold water. (This typically means the marijuana flower was s flashfrozen to preserve its freshness)


Concentrate Facts 101 (downloadable PDF)