Speaking to Your Medical Provider Before Consuming Marijuana & Marijuana Products

Before consuming marijuana and marijuana products, it is recommended to speak honestly and openly with your medical provider, and your pharmacist.

While marijuana has been reported to provide some individuals with benefit(s), there can also be adverse effects associated with the use of marijuana and other substances.

Your medical provider(s) should be informed of any substances that you are consuming, as some substances could interact with your prescribed medications or current medical conditions—that may include marijuana and marijuana products.

Medical professionals can provide improved treatment (and treatment options) when they understand your entire medical history—including the use of substances such as nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, etc.

Medical professionals may only break confidentiality if there is a concern that the individual is a harm to themselves and/or to others.

Privacy and confidentiality have long been accepted as vital elements of the relationship between medical patients, pharmacists, doctors, and other health care professionals.

Individuals that consume marijuana, and other substances, can and do benefit from disclosing their consumption to their medical provider, including:

  • Enhanced evaluation of your current prescription medications and any possible interactions that can occur with marijuana use (and/or other substances).
  • Improved accuracy of your diagnostic medical testing
  • Increased ability to provide effective long-term treatment planning

The benefits of disclosing your marijuana consumption (as well as the consumption of other substances) to your medical provider outweighs the risks.

By disclosing all substances that you consume, your medical professional will be receive your accurate medical history and can arrange an effective treatment plan.