Testing Laboratory Licenses

A marijuana testing laboratory license allows a marijuana testing laboratory to provide testing of representative samples of marijuana and marijuana products and to provide information about the chemical composition and potency of a sample, as well as the presence of molds, pesticides, or other contaminants. 

General Information

In addition the requirements listed here, cultivators are subject to the General Licensee Requirements.

  • All marijuana and marijuana products must pass testing before being sold in a dispensary to either a registered medical cardholder or adult-use consumer.
  • Testing requirements are the same for both medical and adult-use marijuana and marijuana products.
  • All employees must have a valid Worker Permit prior to starting work.
  • Testing laboratories must employ a Scientific Director that meets statutory education and work experience requirements.
  • Testing laboratories are licensed by the CCD in close coordination with the Department of Public Health and Human Services. DPHHS performs initial evaluation for application endorsement and subsequent facility inspections while CCD evaluates the application, compliance with general business requirements, processes annual licensing fees, and issues licenses.

Additional Application Requirements

  • Must meet all General License Application Requirements
  • Applicants must receive an endorsement from the Department of Public Health and Human Services’ state testing laboratory before applying for licensure with the Cannabis Control Division.
  • Information about the endorsement process is available on the DPHHS state laboratory website.
  • Testing laboratories may optionally apply for storage facility endorsements. These are locations where marijuana and marijuana products can be stored temporarily. Storage facility requirements are outlined in Administrative Rule and are subject to inspection.
  • Scientific Director resume must be included.
  • Documentation of insurance and a surety bond are required with application.


Testing Lab License
$5,000 Annually
Storage Facility Endorsement
$1,000 Annually