Marijuana Measurements & Sizes

Marijuana measurements can be confusing, but the department is here to assist.

Let’s take a deeper dive into marijuana measurements.

Flower is typically sold in grams (g) and ounces (oz).

If a specific strain of marijuana flower (ex. Blue Dream) contains 25% THC, then one gram (1 g) of that marijuana strain would contain 250 mg (or 0.25 g) THC, as demonstrated in the example below:

The flower pictured above contains 250 mg/0.25 g THC.

Marijuana concentrates and extracts are typically sold in half grams (0.5 g) and full grams (1 g).

They tend to be more potent than marijuana flower and other marijuana products.

Note: In Montana, adult consumers have single package limits of no more than 800 milligrams (mg). This is based off the amount of delta-9 THC concentration in the marijuana product, not the total potential psychoactive THC concentration, or Total THC concentration percentage (%).

If a concentrate contains 80% delta-9 THC, then it contains 800 milligrams (mg) of THC. Can you tell which one of these 1-gram cartridges (pictured below) contains the most amount of delta-9 THC?

Hint: You can’t! You must review the individual product’s label to determine the specific amount of delta-9 contained. The higher the amount of delta-9, the more potent (stronger) the concentrate is.

To determine the amount of delta-9 THC, examine the THC percentage concentration (%) on the product’s label:

If the concentrate product is consumed (not inhaled or smoked), the consumer will still want to examine the THC percentage concentration (%) on the product’s label to determine the amount of delta-9 contained within the marijuana product.