Manufacturing Licenses

A manufacturing license allows a licensee to convert or compound marijuana into marijuana products, marijuana concentrates, or marijuana extracts, and to package, repackage, label, or relabel marijuana products, as allowed by statute and rule. 

General Information

In addition the requirements listed here, cultivators are subject to the General Licensee Requirements.

  • Applications for new licenses to manufacture will be available starting 7/1/2025.
  • Existing businesses may apply for additional manufacturing sites or tier increases.
  • Manufacturing licenses are tiered according to how much concentrate is manufactured monthly.
  • Manufacturing businesses that do not produce concentrate but perform other allowable activities that fall under the definition of manufacturing are licensed as a Tier 1.
  • Businesses may have multiple license types including Cultivator, Manufacturer, Dispensary, and Transporter. There is no requirement to have multiple license types.
  • Manufacturers may purchase marijuana from licensed businesses and may sell the products they manufacture to other licensed businesses.
  • Manufacturers can transport their own product between licensed facilities.
  • Manufacturers are not allowed to sell directly to medical or adult use consumers. Sales to consumers may only occur at licensed dispensaries.
  • All employees must have a valid Worker Permit prior to starting work.

Additional Application Requirements

  • Must meet all General License Application Requirements
  • Applications must be submitted through the TransAction Portal (TAP).
  • New manufacturers may start at any tier of their choosing but may only change at renewal.
  • All marijuana business applicants must demonstrate they are located within a jurisdiction that allows their business to operate in accordance with 16-12-301, MCA.
  • Applications require a processing fee of 20% of the license fees.
  • Application processing fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.


All fees are annual and are based on the amount of concentrate produced monthly. Manufacturers who do not produce concentrate may use the lowest tier.

Tier Fees Production Allowed
Tier 1 $5,000 Up to 10 pounds of concentrate production per month.
Tier 2 $10,000 Between 10 and 15 pounds of concentrate production per month.
Tier 3 $20,000 15 pounds or more of concentrate production per month.

Per ARM 42.39.104, Manufacturing License renewals are subject to additional fees based on monthly concentrate production. Concentrate production at each licensed site will be evaluated as part of the renewal process and required fees will be assessed with the final invoice, if applicable.

Example: a Manufacturer with a Tier 3 site that produces an average of 18 pounds of concentrate per month during their previous license period.

  • (18 pounds average per month) – (15 pound per month allowed by Tier 3) = 3 pound overage
  • (3 pound overage) x (12 months) = 36 pounds overage total
  • (36 pound overage) x ($1000 overage fee from ARM 42.39.104(f)(iv)) = $36,000 overage fee