METRC Seed-to-Sale Tracking

“Seed-to-sale tracking system” means the system provided in 16-12-105, MCA, for tracking inventory of marijuana, marijuana concentrate, and marijuana-infused products from either the seed or the seedling stage until the marijuana or marijuana product is sold to a consumer.

METRC is the seed-to-sale inventory tracking system that is required to be utilized by providers to track marijuana products and sales. Providers may also have secondary point-of-sale systems (such as Dutchie, etc.) but it is not required.

The rules for Seed-to-Sale tracking can be found under the Montana Administrative rules, ARM 42.39.202 and ARM 42.39.203.

METRC Tips and Best Practices

  • Make it a point to read ALL METRC bulletins.
  • Audit inventory on-site and in METRC daily, or at minimum, weekly.
  • After entering sales in real time, licensees must finalize those sales in METRC at the end of each business day.
  • Add employees under the “employee tab”, even if they don’t have METRC access
  • When an employee is terminated/their employment ends, remove that employee’s access to METRC.
  • Run package adjustment reports by either the facility’s LP number or by the employee to effectively audit your facility.
  • If you make a package incorrectly, don’t adjust the package. Instead, discontinue it (i.e., discontinue the package), then remake the package.
  • 3 things licensees must do to ensure METRC system runs smoothly and quickly:
    • Finish harvests, once created packages, and log waste
    • Finish packages once empty (you can always unfinish if a mistake was made)
    • Finalize your sales
  • Only use milligrams (mg) for the creation of marijuana-infused items.
  • Plant tags should be kept with harvested plants until packages are created.
  • Check medical cardholders’ purchase history to ensure the sale of cannabis product will not violate the cardholders’ monthly and/or daily limits. Oversale on a medical card will be a deficiency at inspection and cannot be cured retroactively.
  • The wet weight of each individual plant must be recorded in METRC by the end of the business day. A provider’s harvest(s) may take several days. However, all plants that are physically harvested must be recorded by the end of that business day to ensure compliance with seed-to-sale tracking requirements. After completing packaging from a harvest, remember to also finish that harvest in METRC.
  • If an individual marijuana product has varying THC potencies, a new sale category must be created in METRC for each potency. Editing the item in the POS will not accurately translate the differences in potency, as editing the items in the POS, instead of creating a new sales category in METRC, will change all the sales of that particular item in the past and the future. This could cause METRC data to report inaccurately an oversale on a compliant sale.

Contact METRC support for assistance with:

  • METRC login
  • METRC Montana general information
  • METRC Montana API User Agreement
  • METRC Montana API Validation Process
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST
(877) 566-6506

Processing Job Type Template

On 2/1/24, a new method of recording processing in Metrc will be implemented. To help manufacturers prepare for this change, the CCD has created this Processing Job Type Template.

Licensees can begin preparing for the transition by completing this worksheet in advance and then adding the information to Metrc once it becomes available on 2/1/24.

Metrc has also prepared a more comprehensive guide (with screenshots) that provides an overview of the processing job functionality located on the website.

Processing Job Type Template