4/20 Safety Awareness Month

4/20 Safety Awareness Month

The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) would like to provide safe ways of celebrating 4/20 this year. This month, we will be providing information each week on how to celebrate lawfully and safely.

CCD has developed informational guides for the cannabis industry and the public on various laws and safety practices. These will include proper forms of identification, personal possession limits, purchasing from a licensed dispensary, limitations on prizes and giveaways, Budtender Day (April 19th), synthetic marijuana awareness, and a safe 4/20 for all.

We would like to remind those participating in 4/20 related events that public consumption of marijuana and marijuana products remains prohibited in the state of Montana.

The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the health and safety of all Montanans through fair administration, education, and enforcement of the Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MMRT).

CCD Vision Statement

Develop a good faith partnership between the State of Montana and stakeholders by establishing rules and policies that provide interested consumers with access to a regulated industry while diminishing an unregulated, untested illicit market.

CCD Guiding Principles

  • The public’s health, safety, and well-being are always our top priority.
  • Develop and institute regulations that are necessary, not overly burdensome for patients and licensees.
  • Compliance through education, enforcement when needed.
  • Strive to be transparent and clearly communicate with the public and stakeholders.

CCD has developed informational guides for the cannabis industry and the public on various laws and safety practices on topics including:

An icon of an ID card

Proper forms of identification

An icon for personal possession limits

Personal possession limits

An icon for purchasing from a licensed dispensary

Purchasing from a licensed dispensary

An icon for limitations on prizes and giveaways

Limitations on prizes and giveaways

An icon for Budtender Day (April 19)

Budtender Day (April 19)

An icon for synthetic marijuana awareness

Synthetic marijuana awareness

An icon for a safe 4/20 for all

A Safe 4/20 for all

Weekly Topics

April 5: Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power Do you know: what Montana’s personal possession limits are? what kind...
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April 12: Identifying a Licensed Marijuana Business

Identifying a Licensed Marijuana Business A licensed marijuana business must be approved by the Cannabis...
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April 19: Budtender Day!

Budtender Day 4/20 is just a day away! With a potential increase in marijuana...
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April 20: The Big Day!

The Big Day! Follow guidelines and stay safe! Driving High Is Still...
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April 26: Say “No” to Synthetics!

Say “No” To Synthetics! By Montana law, only naturally grown and produced marijuana...
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