April 19: Budtender Day!

Budtender Day

4/20 is just a day away!

With a potential increase in marijuana sales, CCD would like to remind those working with customers to be mindful of some information from the worker permit training.

Image of an identification card icon featuring a silhouette of a person's head and shoulders next to a marijuana leaf, indicating an ID related to cannabis.

No sales to underage or those without valid identification:

No one under the age of 21 may be sold adult-use marijuana or marijuana products. When checking identification, also check expiration dates or if the ID has been altered. Expired and altered forms of identification are not valid.

While medical cards have photos on them, you should check the person’s identification to confirm the information as well.

Icon of a magnifying glass focused on a person's silhouette.

Check daily and monthly limits of medical card:

When selling to medical cardholders, check their daily and monthly limits to confirm you don’t over sell to them. If their purchase exceeds their current limit, let them know and what you can sell to them at that moment.

Icon of a person standing beside a presentation board, possibly representing a teacher or presenter.

Do not exceed purchasing limits:

By Montana law, one ounce of usable marijuana may be sold to either an adult-use customer or a medical cardholder (if their card limit allows) at a time.

Icon of a green cannabis leaf on a label, centered on the front of a green medicinal container.

Don’t forget the exit bag:

Montana law requires that all marijuana and marijuana products be placed in a child-resistant exit package at the point of sale.