April 26: Say “No” to Synthetics!

Say “No” To Synthetics!

Icon of the state outline of Montana with a cannabis leaf superimposed in the center

By Montana law, only naturally grown and produced marijuana and marijuana products are legal to sell in a licensed dispensary!

Please be aware that there are products in the state that are not sold in licensed dispensaries that are considered “hemp” products. As of May 22, 2023, only naturally produced hemp products may be sold. These products cannot exceed 0.5 milligrams of THC per serving and 2 milligrams per package.

Icon of a cannabis leaf growing out of a pot

Synethetic marijuana is not a naturally grown and produced:

These products use other chemicals found in hemp plants and enhance them with synthetic methods. These products do not have regulations on testing and could contain harmful elements.

Icon of a cannabis leaf growing out of a pot.

These products could also produce intoxicating effects that are not the same as naturally derived THC.

Avoid synthetic marijuana products and stick to the marijuana and marijuana products that are natural and thoroughly tested by a licensed lab.