April 20: The Big Day!

The Big Day!

Follow guidelines and stay safe!

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Driving High Is Still A DUI!

Remember that you can receive a driving under the influence if you drive while intoxicated. Do not risk your or anyone else’s safety by driving while intoxicated. Use ride services if you need to travel.

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Travel Safe!

Personal marijuana and marijuana products should be stored in a safe place while traveling. Keep products in the exit bag provided by the dispensary. Place the exit bag with product in a spot in your vehicle that you cannot access while driving.

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Safe Storage at Home:

Make sure to keep marijuana and marijuana products way from children and pets. Store your product in a secure location that you know is secure that is not easily accessible.

Public consumption is not legal!

Public use of marijuana or marijuana products is not legal anywhere in Montana. Plan to use and consume while in the safety of a private location.

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Treat Yourself!

Stay hydrated, have your favorite foods around, and avoid mixing marijuana with other substances. If you are not a regular consumer, pace yourself. Remember that the full effect of edible products will take time. Don’t assume that it isn’t working and consume more. Try products that have lower potency first and see how you feel.

Have fun and be safe!