Know Before You Stow – Safe Marijuana Storage

Medical and adult-use marijuana possession and consumption is legal in Montana. Safely storing your marijuana products is imperative; these products can have serious health consequences for children and pets.

Most accidental marijuana exposures (98 percent) occurred in residential settings. The number of exposures, as well as hospital admissions, rose during the pandemic years, possibly due to children spending more time at home with more opportunity to access their parents’ edibles.

Some factors to consider to safely and securely storing personal marijuana products include:

  • Does the product have any indications that it contains marijuana?
  • Marijuana and marijuana products should be kept in their original labeling and packaging.
  • Finding a secure place to effectively store marijuana & marijuana products.
  • Keeping a list of the marijuana and marijuana products that are currently in the home.
  • Recognizing the signs of an accidental ingestion or overconsumption.
  • Would YOU know what to do in the event of an accidental ingestion or overconsumption of marijuana?

Responsible Storage Tips

Montana’s Cannabis Control Division requires all regulated marijuana and marijuana products sold in the state to display the required universal symbol on their labeling and packaging of marijuana and marijuana products.

Marijuana and Marijuana products regulated and sold in Montana must have this universal symbol in its labeling or its packaging in this color and format. This symbol can assist in recognizing that a product contains marijuana.

Additionally, all regulated marijuana and marijuana products in Montana must include the required statement:

This product has been tested and meets the requirements of the state of Montana.

Marijuana products, particularly edibles, can be mistaken for regular food or candy. Keeping marijuana products in their original packaging can reduce confusion and may help prevent accidental ingestion.

Keep the original labels on marijuana or marijuana products purchased from retailers so that you are aware of the amount of THC (Delta 9, the cannabinoid that makes people feel “high”) that the product contains; this can assist medical personnel if they need to be contacted.

Would you be able to tell if this brownie contained marijuana? Keeping marijuana products in their original packaging with their original labels can assist in deterring accidental ingestion.

Store the marijuana or marijuana products (in their original packaging and labeling) in a container (preferably locked) and place that container inside of a high cabinet that is outof the sight or reach of small children and pets.

A safe or lock box can be an especially useful tool for securing and storing marijuana, particularly with older children in the home.

Many different types and styles of safes and lock boxes are available for purchase at local stores or from online retailers.

A safe or lockbox can be a practical instrument to combat accidental ingestion of marijuana products by children or pets.

Create a list of the marijuana products that are currently in the home. This can assist with medical treatment in the event of accidental ingestion by a child or a pet, or, of overconsumption of a marijuana product by an adult.

Once the list is created, be sure to update it as you consume or replace your marijuana products.

Accidental ingestion or overconsumption of marijuana products often has clinical symptoms that present as:

  • Drowsiness or sleepiness*(most common symptom in children)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty walking; difficulty with coordination
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Confusion
  • Trouble breathing

For Adults and Children

For Pets