Cannabis Sales Reports

January 2022-to-April 2023 Estimated Sales
Medical $115,950,769
Adult-Use $290,005,743
Total $405,956,512
January 2022-to-April 2023 Estimated Taxes
Medical $4,638,031
Adult-Use $58,001,149
Total $62,639,179

Monthly Sales

Month Medical Sales Adult-Use Sales Monthly Total January 2022-to-Date Total
January 2022 $10,143,750 $14,141,897 $24,285,647 $24,285,647
February 2022 $9,357,699 $13,533,697 $22,891,396 $47,177,043
March 2022 $9,872,283 $15,861,517 $25,733,800 $72,910,843
April 2022 $9,062,240 $16,312,202 $25,374,623 $98,285,465
May 2022 $8,259,976 $16,629,200 $24,889,176 $123,174,642
June 2022 $7,628,733 $17,268,597 $24,897,330 $148,071,971
July 2022 $7,364,378 $19,172,146 $26,536,524 $174,608,495
August 2022 $7,001,158 $19,807,451 $26,808,609 $201,417,104
September 2022 $6,726,746 $19,828,958 $26,555,703 $227,972,808
October 2022 $6,372,707 $19,519,042 $25,891,749 $253,864,557
November 2022 $5,842,101 $18,203,534 $24,045,635 $277,910,192
December 2022 $5,984,601 $19,669,086 $25,653,688 $303,563,879
January 2023 $5,639,106 $19,307,431 $24,946,537 $328,510,417
February 2023 $5,376,838 $19,153,224 $24,530,061 $353,040,478
March 2023 $5,874,897 $21,223,782 $27,098,679 $380,139,157
April 2023 $5,443,376 $20,373,979 $25,817,355 $405,956,512

Local Option Tax

Local Option Tax

Cannabis Local Option Tax
CountyTypeResultRateEffective Date
Beaverhead County Adult-Use
Medical Yes 3% 3/1/2023
Big Horn County Adult-UseYes3%10/29/2022
Medical Yes3%10/29/2022
Cascade County Adult-UseYes3%2/6/2023
Medical Yes3%2/6/2023
Blaine County Adult-UseYes3%9/1/2022
Medical Yes3%9/1/2022
Carbon County Adult-UseYes3%9/5/2022
Medical Yes3%9/5/2022
Dawson County Adult UseYes3%4/2/2022
Medical Yes3%4/2/2022
Deer Lodge County Adult-UseYes3%9/5/2022
Medical Yes3%9/5/2022
Flathead County Adult-UseYes3%3/1/2023
Medical No N/AN/A
Gallatin County Adult-UseYes3%3/1/2023
Medical Yes3%3/1/2023
Granite County Adult-Use
Medical Yes3%2/20/2023
Hill County Adult-UseYes3%2/6/2023
Medical Yes3%2/6/2023
Lake County Adult-UseYes3%9/5/2022
Medical Yes3%9/5/2022
Lewis & Clark County Adult-UseYes3%10/1/2022
Medical Yes3%10/1/2022
Madison County Adult-UseYes3%2/7/2023
Medical Yes3%2/7/2023
Mineral County Adult-UseYes3%1/1/2023
Medical Yes3%1/1/2023
Missoula County Adult-UseYes3%1/31/2022
Medical NoN/AN/A
Park County Adult-UseYes3%2/11/2022
Medical Yes3%2/11/2022
Powell County Adult-UseYes3%10/1/2022
Medical Yes3%10/1/2022
Ravalli County Adult-UseYes3% 10/1/2022
Medical No N/A10/1/2022
Richland County Adult-UseYes3%1/1/2023
Medical Yes3%1/1/2023
Roosevelt County Adult-UseYes3%1/31/2023
Medical Yes3%1/31/2023
Rosebud County Adult-UseYes3%9/1/2022
Medical Yes3%9/1/2022
Sanders County Adult-UseYes3%2/8/2023
Medical NoN/AN/A
Sheridan County Adult-UseYes3%1/31/2023
Medical Yes3%1/31/2023
Silver Bow County Adult-UseYes3%10/6/2022
Medical Yes3%10/6/2022
Valley County Adult-UseYes3%2/21/2023
Medical Yes3%2/21/2023
Yellowstone County Adult-UseYes3%1/31/2022
Medical Yes3%1/31/2022
Adult-use marijuana sales are prohibited in this county.

The Local Options Marijuana Excise tax is a tax on the retail value of all marijuana and marijuana products sold at an adult use dispensary or medical marijuana dispensary within a county.

The rate of the Local Options Tax must be established by the election petition or resolution. The rate may not exceed 3%.

Distribution of Local Option Marijuana Excise tax:

  • 50% of the resulting tax revenue must be retained by the county
  • 45% of the resulting tax revenue must be appropriated to the municipalities on the basis of the ratio of the population of the city or town to the total county population
  • 5% of the resulting tax revenue must be retained by the department to defray cost associated with administering the Local Option Marijuana Excise tax

Estimated County Sales Reports*

2023 Estimated County Sales

Year Month Download
2023 April PDF, 96.8 KB
2023 March PDF, 97.2 KB
2023 February PDF, 97.8 KB
2023 January PDF, 98.9 KB
Year Month Download
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2022 June PDF, 97 KB
2022 May PDF, 97.3 KB
2022 April PDF, 97.5 KB
2022 March PDF, 89.5 KB
2022 February PDF, 19.7 KB
2022 January PDF, 19.7 KB

*Regarding Estimated Sales Data

The Department of Revenue assesses the Adult Use and Medical Cannabis Tax on the “Retail Price” of all marijuana or marijuana products.

“Retail Price” is defined as the established price paid by the consumer for marijuana or a marijuana product at an adult use dispensary or medical marijuana dispensary. This established price would not include any discounts or reductions.

The reported monthly sales data shown in these tables may include discounted or reduced purchase prices paid by a purchaser. A discounted or reduced purchase price amount may not reflect the actual “Retail Price.”

Local Option Tax is not derived from estimated sales reports. Local option distributions are connected to the sales taxes collected by licensees and submitted to the Department of Revenue prior to the end of the applicable collection period. Please visit Local Option Tax Distribution for additional information.

For more information on Montana’s general provisions for cannabis taxation, please visit 15-64-10, MCA.