Entitlement Share Payments

Entitlement Share Payment Reports

Fiscal YearReportDownload
2025Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 262 KB
2025Cities and TownsPDF, 130 KB
2025Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 71.8 KB
2025CountiesPDF, 91.6 KB
2025Tax Increment Financing (TIF) DistrictsPDF, 141 KB
2024Q4 Entitlement Share Payment with HB 212 ReimbursementPDF, 182 KB
2024Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 248.1 KB
2024Cities and TownsPDF, 116.5 KB
2024Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 70 KB
2024CountiesPDF, 86.1 KB
2024Tax Increment Financing (TIF) DistrictsPDF, 134.2 KB
2023Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 253.1 KB
2023Cities and TownsPDF, 124.2 KB
2023Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 75.4 KB
2023CountiesPDF, 91.6 KB
2023Tax Increment Financing (TIF) DistrictsPDF, 234.9 KB
2022Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 238 KB
2022Cities and TownsPDF, 117 KB
2022Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 70 KB
2022CountiesPDF, 86 KB
2022Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs)PDF, 133 KB
2021Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 230 KB
2021Cities and TownsPDF, 116 KB
2021Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 73 KB
2021CountiesPDF, 86 KB
2021Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs)PDF, 121 KB
2020Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 230 KB
2020Cities and TownsPDF, 117 KB
2020Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 70 KB
2020CountiesPDF, 86 KB
2020Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs)PDF, 121 KB
2019Complete Entitlement Share Payments ReportPDF, 230 KB
2019Cities and TownsPDF, 117 KB
2019Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 70 KB
2019CountiesPDF, 86 KB
2019Tax Increment Financing District (TIFs)PDF, 125 KB
2018Complete Entitlement Share Payment ReportPDF, 288 KB
2018Cities and TownsPDF, 59 KB
2018Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 11 KB
2018CountiesPDF, 28 KB
2018Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 211 KB
2017Cities and TownsPDF, 97 KB
2017Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 8 KB
2017CountiesPDF, 44 KB
2017Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 228 KB
2016Cities and TownsPDF, 430 KB
2016Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 9 KB
2016CountiesPDF, 53 KB
2016Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 348 KB
20162015 HB33 MemoPDF, 316 KB
2015Cities and TownsPDF, 428 KB
2015Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 130 KB
2015CountiesPDF, 248 KB
2015Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 351 KB
2014Cities and TownsPDF, 55 KB
2014Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 11 KB
2014CountiesPDF, 28 KB
2014Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 55 KB
2013Cities and TownsPDF, 180 KB
2013Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 87 KB
2013CountiesPDF, 124 KB
2013Tax Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 90.98 KB
2012Cities and TownsPDF, 96 KB
2012Consolidated GovernmentsPDF, 9 KB
2012CountiesPDF, 44 KB
2012Increment Financing DistrictsPDF, 10 KB

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