Cannabis Licenses

General License Information

The General License Information found on this page applies to all businesses applying for a cannabis license regardless of license type.

License Types

Cultivator Licenses

Cultivation licenses allow a licensee to cultivate marijuana for either medical or adult use. Licenses are issued according to a tiered canopy system, allowing for increasing amounts of cultivation space.

Manufacturer Licenses

A manufacturing license allows a licensee to convert or compound marijuana into marijuana products, marijuana concentrates, or marijuana extracts, and to package, repackage, label, or relabel marijuana products, as allowed by statute and rule.

Dispensary Licenses

Dispensaries are locations where marijuana can be sold to registered cardholders and/or adult-use consumers. Dispensaries are licensed as either medical-only or adult-use. Medical-only dispensaries may only sell marijuana and marijuana products to registered cardholders. Adult-use dispensaries may sell marijuana and marijuana products to either registered cardholders or adult-use consumers.

Transporter Licenses

The Marijuana Transporter license is a new license type created by the 2021 Legislature through House Bill 701. The transporter license allows a business to transport marijuana and marijuana products between licensed marijuana business registered premises, including testing laboratories, or to medical registered cardholders. Transporters may not deliver to adult-use consumers.

Testing Lab Licenses

A marijuana testing laboratory license allows a marijuana testing laboratory to provide testing of representative samples of marijuana and marijuana products and to provide information about the chemical composition and potency of a sample, as well as the presence of molds, pesticides, or other contaminants.

Combined-Use Licenses

Combined-use licenses are a special license created specifically for Montana’s 8 federally recognized tribes and/or entities majority owned by one of those tribes. These licenses consist of a cultivation and dispensary located at the same premises.