Land Classification Working Group

The Department of Revenue recently announced the formation of the Land Classification Working Group (LCWG).

Led by Department of Revenue leadership, the working group is comprised of stakeholders spanning agriculture, development, and local and state government. The working group’s goals will be consensus and development of legislation aimed at establishing fair taxation of raw/ undeveloped land for Montana’s 21st century socioeconomic and tax climate.

Proposed legislation will be presented to the Legislative Revenue Interim Committee for endorsement.

All land classification working group meetings will be held in person, as public meetings, with the opportunity for comment.  Zoom capability for public viewing will also be offered.

Upcoming LCWG Meeting

Date and Time:
Monday, June 17, 2024, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Online

Join Zoom Meeting: LCWG Zoom Meeting Link 6-17-24

Meeting ID: 892 8454 1255

Password: 221541

Dial by Telephone

+1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 892 8454 1255

Password: 221541

Working Group Membersking Group Membe

The working group’s members  were selected by the department.

Traditional Production Agriculture (2 members):

  • Cynthia Johnson, Conrad, Montana Farm Bureau
  • John Lewis, Lavina, Montana Stockgrowers

Legislative Revenue Interim Committee (RIC) (2 members):

  • Senator Becky Beard, Elliston 
  • Representative Mark Thane, Missoula

Realty Industry (one member):

  • John Rausch, Helena

County Government (one member):

  • Ross Butcher, Lewistown, Fergus County Commissioner

Real Estate Development Industry (one member):

  • Mark Esponda, Helena, VP of Dick Anderson Construction

Specialty Crop/Intensive Agriculture Industry (one member):

  • Brian Campbell, Finley Point Cherry Cooperative

Property Rights Advocacy Groups (one member):

  • Chuck Denowh, Helena, United Property Owners of Montana

Land Trusts (one member):

  • Marcus Strange:  Montana Association of Land Trusts

Tax Policy Groups (one member):

  • Bob Story, Park City, Montana Taxpayers Association