We archive the reports, brochures, and manuals we create for the legislature, administrators, and general public.

Alcoholic Beverage Reports

Resources provided by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, including the Enterprise Fund Report, Licensing Booklets, and Fact Sheets.

Biennial Reports

The Biennial Report provides detailed information on the duties carried out by the Montana Department of Revenue. We provide the report to the governor and state legislature every other year, as required in 15-1-205, MCA.

Capitalization Rate Studies

We use the capitalization rate for each industry to determine the Centrally Assessed property values for companies in that industry.

Each year, we complete a Capitalization Rate Study to develop the capitalization rate of each industry.

Compliance Fiscal Year End Reports

The Compliance Fiscal Year End report summarizes the actions taken by the Business and Income Tax Division to ensure tax compliance and measures their success.

County Oil and Gas Reports

County Oil and Gas Reports breakdown the distribution of oil and gas taxes.

Entitlement Share Payments

Entitlement Share Payment reports breakdown payments made to local governments and school districts.

Personal Property Depreciation Schedules and Trend Tables

We use the Personal Property Depreciation Schedules and Trend Tables to value taxable tangible personal property.

Property Reappraisal Plan and Manuals

Property Reappraisal Plans and Manuals explain how the Property Assessment Division performs property appraisal.

Revenue Monitoring Reports

The Revenue Monitoring Report shows a month-by-month record of revenue generated by the various programs, taxes, and fees administered by the Montana Department of Revenue.

State and Tribal Tax Agreements

Tax agreements made between the State of Montana and tribal governments.

Tax Policy and Research Reports

In addition to providing research for our state legislature and administration and the Biennial Report, our Tax Policy and Research office also provides information on state taxes, policy decisions, and economic trends.

Legislative Reports

Reports written by the department summarizing the impact of previous legislative sessions.