Alcoholic Beverage Control Publications

Enterprise Fund Report of Operations

The Enterprise Fund Report of Operations details Alcoholic Beverage Control Division operations and sales to agency liquor stores.

Fiscal YearNameDownload
2021Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 12.3 MB
2020Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 739 KB
2019Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 1.2 MB
2018Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 1.2 MB
2017Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 718 KB
2016Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 806 KB
2015Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 1 MB
2014Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 395 KB
2013Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 615 KB
2012Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 582 KB
2011Enterprise Fund of OperationsPDF, 284 KB

License and Sales Booklets

Montana Liquor Licenses. What are they? How do I get one? What can I do with one? Learn more in our booklets.

Agency Liquor Store BookletPDF, 1 MB
All-Beverages License Booklet PDF, 2 MB
Beer Wholesaler and Table Wine Distributor Booklet PDF, 1.2 MB
Domestic Brewery License BookletPDF, 493 KB
Domestic Distillery License Booklet PDF, 1 MB
Domestic Winery License Booklet PDF, 1 MB
Off-Premises Beer and/or Table Wine License Booklet PDF, 1 MB
On-Premises Beer License Booklet PDF, 2 MB
Restaurant Beer and Wine License Booklet PDF, 1 MB
Special Permit BookletPDF, 855 KB

Fact Sheets

Alcohol and Fundraiser AuctionsPDF, 493 KB
Alcohol DeliveryPDF, 115 KB
Alcoholic Beverage Locker GuidePDF, 481 KB
Alterations Updated December 2021PDF, 500 KB
Barrel ProgramPDF, 478 KB
Bottle Club Updated December 2021PDF, 98 KB
Bringing Your Own WinePDF, 102 KB
Catering EndorsementPDF, 509 KB
Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) LicensePDF, 491 KB
Distillery Deliveries Updated December 2021PDF, 481 KB
Dock Sales Alternate DeliveryPDF, 103 KB
Drive-through Windows and Curbside PickupPDF, 123.3 KB
Fundraiser Raffles or Auctions for Nonprofit or Tax-Exempt Organizations and Alcohol PDF, 109.9 KB
IDs for Purchasing Alcoholic Beverages New December 2021PDF, 125 KB
Location Manager GuidePDF, 492 KB
Managing Other LicensesPDF, 102 KB
Nonprofit Arts Beer and Table Wine LicensePDF, 485 KB
NonusePDF, 497 KB
Prepared Servings—Cocktails, Beer, and Wine to Go PDF, 121.1 KB
Public Brew-On-Premises Updated December 2021PDF, 489 KB
Public Tasting EventsPDF, 535 KB
Required Product Approvals/LabelsPDF, 489 KB
Serving Alcohol Outside During an EventPDF, 507 KB
Suitable Operating/Marketing for "Closely Held Licenses"PDF, 527 KB
Suitability for Manufacturer LicensesPDF, 169 KB
Suitability for Retail LicensesPDF, 194 KB
Time Change PDF, 485 KB
Wholesalers/Distributors Providing Samples to "Clients"PDF, 492 KB