Cannabis Control Division February Newsletter

February 2, 2023

In this month’s newsletter, learn more about the following:

  • Email logic from Gentax
  • Know Before You Stow
  • Time to renew your marijuana worker permit?
  • Reminder: labeling display items
  • METRC reminders: potency categories, harvest best practices
  • Building inspection reports
  • Guidelines for manufactured marijuana products

Email logic from Gentax

TAP Web Logon Access Types for Customer

  • Account Manager
    • View, file, and pay or a combination of those based on the permission granted by the Administrator.
  • Administrator
    • Full access to all accounts. Can view, file, pay accounts and manage logons (add or remove access). Administrators can limit, grant or remove Account Manager access by account type.
  • Limited
    • Can file and pay for their account.
  • Third Party Access Pay Only
    • Allows third parties to make payments for their clients without explicit approval from the client.

Access Types and Correspondence

Administrator or Third-Party Access to the Cannabis License Account is required to receive email correspondence.

 Change Mail Notification in TAP

The customer can adjust their ‘Mail Notification’ from the TAP settings by following these steps:

  1. Log into TAP.
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ tab. Select the current ‘Mail Notification’ option for the Cannabis License.
  3. Select ‘Do not notify me of new mail’ option. Click ‘Save’.

*The letter will be available on TAP, but you will not receive the email notification notifying you about the letter

Know Before You Stow – safe marijuana storage  

Medical and adult-use marijuana possession and consumption is legal in Montana. Safely storing your marijuana products is imperative; these products can have serious health consequences for children and pets.

Learn more about safe marijuana storage:

Renewing your marijuana worker permit?  

When renewing your marijuana worker permit, you are required to retake the Moodle courses for 1. Human Trafficking and 2. Rules and Regulations.

Taking these courses is an annual requirement for both new and renewal marijuana worker permits.


Worker Permits:

Reminder: labeling dispensary display items  

All items carried by dispensaries that contain THC are required to be tracked with a METRC package tag. This includes marijuana products on display, as required by ARM 42.39.314

METRC reminders: potency categories, harvest best practices

  • If an individual marijuana product has varying THC potencies, a new sale category must be created in METRC for each potency. Editing the item in the POS will not accurately translate the differences in potency, as editing the items in the POS, instead of creating a new sales category in METRC, will change all the sales of that particular item in the past and the future. This could cause METRC data to report inaccurately an oversale on an compliant sale.
  • After completing packaging from a harvest, remember to also finish that harvest in METRC.

Building Inspections

  • Building inspections are only conducted when the building structure or the use of the building has changed.
  • A building inspection report must prove that any non-compliance issues identified on the report have been resolved before the application can move forward in the process.

Guidelines for manufactured marijuana products

Manufactured marijuana products cannot be made into shapes that could be confused for commercially recognizable products or candy per MCA 42.39.401(12).

For example:

  • chocolate peanut butter cups must be in a shape other than a circle/round
  • Rice Krispie treat bars, cereal bars, etc. are not allowed

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