Alcohol Licensing Advisory Committee

The Department of Revenue recently announced the formation of the Alcohol Licensing Advisory Committee (ALAC).

Facilitated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABCD) Administrator, the working group is comprised of stakeholders spanning all levels of the three-tier system as well as representation from the Gambling Control Division (GCD).

The working group’s scope is to engage stakeholders to provide feedback on the various aspects of alcohol licensing and to evaluate potential improvements to the process.

The group’s goals will be to:

  • ensure alcohol licensing is as efficient as possible for applicants/licensees
  • maintain the necessary checks and balances and to improve the internal processes between the Department of Revenue and the Department of Justice

All ALAC working group meetings will be held quarterly in person for committee members with possible rotating locations. Zoom capability will be available for those unable to attend in person.

The department encourages public participation to be via Zoom due to space and technological demands. There will be group discussions on specific topics.

Meetings and Committee Membership

Date and Time:
June 25, 12:00-2:00pm

ALAC Zoom Meeting

Download Agenda: 

ALAC Meeting Agenda 06-25-2024

Join Zoom Meeting:
ALAC Zoom Meeting Link 

Meeting ID: 893 2820 2982
Password: 537794

Dial by Telephone: +1 646 558 8656

The working group members were selected by the ABCD Administrator along with the GCD Administrator after asking for volunteers.

Becky Schlauch, ABCD Administrator

Jason Johnson, GCD Administrator

Shadd Cullinan, All-beverages licensee with catering endorsement and gambling

Jessica Demarois, Private attorney that deals with alcohol licensing

Allen Hodges, Distillery licensee

Ed Buttrey, Legislator

Hannah Tagliaferro, Wholesale licensee

Tracey Karcher, Off-premises licensee

Christa Liscum, Brewery licensee

Travis Woltermann, GAC Member

The working group is still seeking member representatives for:

    • an off-premises licensee that has a chain of off-premises licenses
    • a winery licensee

If you fit this category and are interested or know someone that might be, please reach out to Becky Schlauch at