Cannabis Control Division September Newsletter

September 6, 2023

In this month’s newsletter, learn more about the following:

  • Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council
  • Administrative Rules Process
  • Testing Laboratories Rules
  • Updating Cannabis License Email in TAP
  • Currently Suspended Licenses
  • Outdoor Cultivation Changes
  • Manufacturing License Fees
  • Deficiency Responses

Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council

In accordance with HB 948 (section 3), the Cannabis Control Division is currently seeking applicants for members to serve on the Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council.

Current member appointments available:

  • Two members from the marijuana industry (i.e., existing Cannabis Licensee or Testing Laboratory Licensee)
  • One member of the public – must have expertise in toxicology, organic chemistry, or regulatory affairs in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, or dietary supplements.

If interested, please complete the Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council Appointment Application by November 1, 2023

Administrative Rules Process

The Cannabis Control Division is currently working on updating and adding administrative rules. There is a process that must be followed per Montana Code Annotated Title 2 Chapter 4. Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) are created and updated to help implement and administer the laws passed by legislators. Those laws are established in the Montana Code Annotated (MCA).

Below is a helpful flow chart that explains the process for proposing and adopting administrative rules. CCD will provide notifications of when rules will be proposed.

Testing Laboratories Rules

The testing lab administrative rules have been transferred from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Revenue. These rules are now in Title 42 Chapter 39 Subchapter 6. These are the same rules and will not change unless they go through the administrative rules process.

MAR 37-998 proposed testing rules were not adopted.

Updating Cannabis License Email in TAP

Cannabis businesses can now update their email associated with their cannabis license in TAP. To update your email, log into TAP, click “More…” on your cannabis license section, and select “Update Account Email Address”. You will be required to type in your new email address and verify it, then click submit and type in your password to finalize the submission. Your email will automatically update, and all correspondence will be sent to that email.

This only updates the singular email related to your cannabis license.  This does not change the email address used for your TAP account. If you would like assistance, call (406) 444-0596, ext. 4.

Currently Suspended Licenses

The Cannabis Control Division’s website has a section for currently suspended licenses. Any licenses that are currently suspended will be added to this section of the website, and will remain until the suspension is no longer in effect.

Outdoor Cultivation Changes

Beginning October 1, 2023, hoophouses are no longer considered indoor cultivation.

If you are using a hoophouse and were not approved for outdoor cultivation prior to November 3rd, 2020, your hoophouse will be considered illegal outdoor cultivation.

Manufacturing License Fees

Manufacturing licenses may be subject to additional licensing fees due to monthly concentration production. If a manufacturing license has exceeded its concentration production based on its tier level, additional fees will be added at renewal.

For more information, see the Manufacturing Licenses section of our website.

Deficiency Responses

The deficiency responses are to provide a plan to correct the deficiencies cited at inspection. Only provide a response on how to prevent that deficiency from being cited in the future, and any evidence related to that response (including any mitigating circumstances).

If you feel a deficiency was wrongly cited, contact your inspector directly for additional clarification.