A Tax Certificate shows your business has filed all tax returns and paid all taxes due. There are many reasons you may need to request a Tax Certificate for your business such as being reinstated by the Secretary of State or when applying for a business loan.

How to Request a Tax Certificate

You may request a Tax Certificate using our TransAction Portal or by filling out an Application for Tax Certificate (Form CR-T) and sending it to the address on the form.

If you are applying for or making changes to an alcohol beverage license, you will need to use the Liquor Division Authorization to Disclose Tax Information Form LIQ-AUTH.

If you are working with a representative and would like us to discuss any questions about your request or your account with the representative, you must complete a Power of Attorney Authorization to Disclose Information (Form POA) if you have not done so already.

Certificate Types

We offer five different Tax Certificates. You may choose one or more based on your need:

Title 15
Use a Title 15 Certificate to reinstate your business after it has been involuntarily dissolved by the Secretary of State.
A Title 15 Certificate is not required for a Single Member LLC if it is not taxed as a corporation.
Dissolution/Withdrawal Certificate
Use a Dissolution/Withdrawal Certificate to withdraw your business with the Secretary of State.
You must still file a final return and pay all taxes owed.
A Reviver is used to reinstate your business if it has been suspended by the Secretary of State.
You will also need a Title 15 Certificate.
Good Standing Certificate
A Good Standing Certificate shows you have filed all tax returns and paid all taxes owed.
A Good Standing Certificate may be requested by a bank or other business to show your business does not owe any taxes.
Tax Clearance Certificate
A Tax Clearance Certificate may be requested after you have voluntarily dissolved your business.
The certificate shows you have filed your final tax return and paid all taxes owed.

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