Remote Working Resources

Did you know remote work may change how you file taxes?

If you are working remotely in Montana and another state, you may have a filing requirement in both states. This applies to Montana residents working remotely in another state and nonresidents or part-year residents working remotely from Montana.

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Part-year Residents and Nonresidents Working in Montana

Regardless of your residency, working while located in Montana will generally create Montana source income. Montana source income is any income earned while living or located in Montana. This includes:

  • wages
  • salary
  • tips
  • other compensation
  • business income for services performed in Montana

Montana Residents Working in Another State

A Montana resident must report and pay tax on income received for work performed outside of Montana. When filing a return with the Department of Revenue, a Montana resident may be eligible to claim a credit for taxes paid to that other state, if the resident paid tax on that income in the other state.

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