Owners of Older Mobile Homes May See Property Tax Relief

May 21, 2019

Property tax changes are coming for some owners of older mobile homes, and the Montana Department of Revenue wants residents to know what that means for you starting in 2020.

Senate Bill 204, passed this year by the Montana Legislature and signed into law, creates an exemption starting in property tax year 2020 for mobile homes that are:

  • At least 28 years old; and
  • Valued at less than $10,000 per their most recent assessment; and
  • Not an improvement to real property.

A mobile home could be considered an improvement to real property, and therefore ineligible for the exemption, if it is attached to a permanent foundation and its running gear is removed.

Units that are not permanently attached to a foundation, including many units within mobile home parks or other rented lots, are not considered permanent improvements and may qualify for the exemption. However, permanent structures associated with a mobile home, such as carports, sheds, decks, garages, and porches, will still qualify as real property and would be subject to local property taxes.

Owners of the exempt mobile homes will be notified when they receive their 2020 property classification and appraisal notices in the spring of 2020. Qualified mobile homes will be exempt from personal property taxes starting with the payments due to their county treasurer in May and November 2020.

An owner of multiple mobile homes may only qualify for the exemption for his or her two mobile homes with the lowest assessed values.

Owners of exempted mobile homes still may be subject to their local government’s special assessments and fees such as solid waste and street lighting and maintenance.

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A brightly decorated older trailer home.