The Competitive Bidding Process lets people and businesses bid on the opportunity to apply for an available license. The highest bidder is allowed to apply for the license.

Anyone who wishes to apply must submit their bid through My Revenue.

All bids must include:

  • A $100 processing fee, and
  • An Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC):
    • For the exact same name as the bidder on the electronic form;
    • Equal to or greater than the bid amount; and
    • Good for one year after the competitive bid deadline.

The minimum bid is set at 75% of the market value of the license compared to licenses with the same type and privileges sold in the quota area or a similar area.

The competitive bidding process is subject to Liquor Competitive Bidding Terms and Conditions (PDF, 270 KB).

Upcoming Bidding Opportunities

All Competitive Bidding has been postponed.

New competitive bidding opportunities will be posted to our Competitive Bidding Process calendar when they become available.

Related Laws

What Happened to the Liquor Lottery?

During the 2017 Legislative Special Session, the legislature passed Senate Bill 5 (SB-5).

SB-5 made significant changes in the alcoholic beverage industry, including the change to a competitive bidding process for available licenses.

Read the complete text of Senate Bill 5 for more details.

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Minimum Bid
75% of Market Value

As determined by the department

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