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Please Note: Montana does not have a general business license. Visit the Secretary of State’s website for information about registering your business.

Montana State Licenses

License NameAgency
Bail BondsmanCommissioner of Securities & Insurance
Securities (trusts, annuities, brokers)Commissioner of Securities & Insurance
Insurance CompaniesCommissioner of Securities & Insurance
Private LenderDepartment of Administration
Consumer Loan or Sales Finance CompanyDepartment of Administration
Financial and Banking InstitutionsDepartment of Administration
Banking and Financial InstitutionsDepartment of Administration
ProduceDepartment of Agriculture
Public Commodity WarehouseDepartment of Agriculture
Apiary - Bee RegistrationDepartment of Agriculture
Commercial Feed DistributorsDepartment of Agriculture
Commercial Feed ManufacturerDepartment of Agriculture
Commodity DealerDepartment of Agriculture
Commodity WarehouseDepartment of Agriculture
Fertilizer DealerDepartment of Agriculture
Livestock Feed DealersDepartment of Agriculture
Organic CertificationsDepartment of Agriculture
Pesticide ApplicatorDepartment of Agriculture
Pesticide DealerDepartment of Agriculture
Pesticide Farm ApplicatorDepartment of Agriculture
Pet Food ManufacturerDepartment of Agriculture
Seed DealerDepartment of Agriculture
Air Quality PermitsDepartment of Environmental Quality
Public Drinking WaterDepartment of Environmental Quality
Septic Tank Pumper LicenseDepartment of Environmental Quality
Solid Waste FacilitiesDepartment of Environmental Quality
Underground Storage Tank Operating PermitsDepartment of Environmental Quality
Wrecking Facility LicenseDepartment of Environmental Quality
Water Quality Discharge PermitsDepartment of Environmental Quality
Coal and Uranium MiningDepartment of Environmental Quality
Hard Rock MiningDepartment of Environmental Quality
Card TournamentsDepartment of Justice
Card Dealers LicenseDepartment of Justice
Card Room ContractorsDepartment of Justice
Motor Vehicle Driver's LicenseDepartment of Justice
Auto Dealers LicenseDepartment of Justice
Car Dealers LicenseDepartment of Justice
Mobile Home Sales DealerDepartment of Justice
Commercial Driver's LicensesDepartment of Justice
Driver's License Motor VehiclesDepartment of Justice
GamblingDepartment of Justice
Athletic TrainerDepartment of Labor & Industry
BlasterDepartment of Labor & Industry
Boiler EngineerDepartment of Labor & Industry
ChiropractorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Clinical Laboratory ScientistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Clinical Laboratory SpecialistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Clinical Laboratory TechnicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Laboratory PractitionerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Medical TechnologistDepartment of Labor & Industry
BarberDepartment of Labor & Industry
CosmetologyDepartment of Labor & Industry
ElectrologyDepartment of Labor & Industry
EstheticianDepartment of Labor & Industry
ManicuringDepartment of Labor & Industry
Crane/Hoisting OperatorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Hoisting/Crane OperatorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Dental AssistantDepartment of Labor & Industry
Dental HygienistDepartment of Labor & Industry
DentistDepartment of Labor & Industry
DenturistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Electrical ContractorDepartment of Labor & Industry
ElectricianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Elevator InstallationDepartment of Labor & Industry
CemeteryDepartment of Labor & Industry
Crematory OperatorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Crematory TechnicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
CrematoryDepartment of Labor & Industry
MorticianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Mortuary Branch FacilityDepartment of Labor & Industry
MortuaryDepartment of Labor & Industry
Fire Protection EquipmentDepartment of Labor & Industry
Fireworks WholesalerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Hearing Aid DispenserDepartment of Labor & Industry
Licensed Addiction CounselorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Massage TherapistsDepartment of Labor & Industry
AcupuncturistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Emergency Med Tech (EMT)Department of Labor & Industry
NutritionistDepartment of Labor & Industry
OsteopathDepartment of Labor & Industry
Physician AssistantDepartment of Labor & Industry
PhysicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
PodiatristDepartment of Labor & Industry
Nursing Home AdministratorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Certified Nurse MidwivesDepartment of Labor & Industry
NursingDepartment of Labor & Industry
OptometristDepartment of Labor & Industry
Occupational TherapyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Fishing GuideDepartment of Labor & Industry
Hunting GuideDepartment of Labor & Industry
OutfitterDepartment of Labor & Industry
AccountantDepartment of Labor & Industry
Property ManagerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Speech PathologistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Private Adolescent ProgramsDepartment of Labor & Industry
Counselor ClinicalDepartment of Labor & Industry
Counselor ProfessionalDepartment of Labor & Industry
Marriage and Family TherapistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Professional CounselorsDepartment of Labor & Industry
Social WorkerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Midwife App, Direct-EntryDepartment of Labor & Industry
Midwife, Direct-EntryDepartment of Labor & Industry
Naturopathic PhysicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
ArchitectDepartment of Labor & Industry
Landscape ArchitectDepartment of Labor & Industry
BoxingDepartment of Labor & Industry
WrestlingDepartment of Labor & Industry
VeterinarianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Euthanasia TechnicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Euthanasia AgencyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Embryo Transfer TechnicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
AudiologistDepartment of Labor & Industry
SanitarianDepartment of Labor & Industry
X-Ray TechnicianDepartment of Labor & Industry
Radiologic TechnologistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Timeshare SalespersonDepartment of Labor & Industry
Timeshare BrokerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Real Estate SalespersonDepartment of Labor & Industry
Real Estate BrokerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Public AccountantDepartment of Labor & Industry
Real Estate AppraiserDepartment of Labor & Industry
Respiratory Care PractitionerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Physical TherapyDepartment of Labor & Industry
PsychologistDepartment of Labor & Industry
Security OfficerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Security GuardDepartment of Labor & Industry
Security Alarm InstallerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Resident ManagerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Proprietary Security CompanyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Process ServerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Private SecurityDepartment of Labor & Industry
Private InvestigatorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Private Investigator TraineeDepartment of Labor & Industry
Electronic Security CompanyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Contract Security CompanyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Certified Firearms InstructorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Branch OfficeDepartment of Labor & Industry
Alarm Response RunnerDepartment of Labor & Industry
PlumbersDepartment of Labor & Industry
Medical Gas PipingDepartment of Labor & Industry
PharmacyDepartment of Labor & Industry
Wholesale Drug DistributorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Dangerous Drug DistributorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Professional Land SurveyorDepartment of Labor & Industry
Professional EngineerDepartment of Labor & Industry
Construction BlasterDepartment of Labor & Industry
Livestock Market PermitDepartment of Livestock
Disposal or Rendering Plant LicenseDepartment of Livestock
Manufactured Dairy ProductsDepartment of Livestock
Meat and Poultry InspectionDepartment of Livestock
Meat Establishment/Slaughter FacilityDepartment of Livestock
Milk Price ControlDepartment of Livestock
Poultry and Meat InspectionDepartment of Livestock
Rendering or Disposal Plant LicenseDepartment of Livestock
Season Grazing PermitDepartment of Livestock
Horse RacingDepartment of Livestock
Slaughter FacilityDepartment of Livestock
Animal Health PermitsDepartment of Livestock
Animal ImportDepartment of Livestock
Aerial Hunting PermitsDepartment of Livestock
Egg Dealers LicenseDepartment of Livestock
Livestock Dealer LicenseDepartment of Livestock
Garbage Feed for SwineDepartment of Livestock
Sheep PermitDepartment of Livestock
Land and Water UseDepartment of Natural Resources & Conservation
Group HomesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Foster HomesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Day Care FacilityDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Child Care FacilitiesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Assisted Living FacilitiesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Wholesale Food Manufacturing EstablishmentsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Campgrounds and Trailer CourtsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Body Art FacilitiesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Nurse AideDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Pools and SpasDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Rooming House, Motels and HotelsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Health Care FacilitiesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Public AccommodationsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Motels, Hotels and Rooming HouseDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Hotels, Motels and Rooming HouseDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Retail Food Service EstablishmentsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Trailer Courts and CampgroundsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Youth Care FacilitiesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Emergency Medical ServicesDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Spas and PoolsDepartment of Public Health & Human Services
Gypsum and Cement Importers or ProducersDepartment of Revenue
Beer and Wine LicenseDepartment of Revenue
All Beverages LicenseDepartment of Revenue
Wine and Beer LicenseDepartment of Revenue
Special Alcohol LicenseDepartment of Revenue
Liquor LicensingDepartment of Revenue
Tobacco Products LicenseDepartment of Revenue
Planning Division, Rail and TransitDepartment of Transportation
Commercial Motor CarriersDepartment of Transportation
Special Fuel DistributorDepartment of Transportation
Outdoor AdvertisingDepartment of Transportation
Highway ContractorsDepartment of Transportation
AeronauticsDepartment of Transportation
Transit, Rail and Planning DivisionDepartment of Transportation
Rail, Transit and Planning Division"Department of Transportation
Gasoline DistributorDepartment of Transportation
Overweight/Oversize Permit ProgramDepartment of Transportation
Oversize/Overweight Permit ProgramDepartment of Transportation
Trucking International Registration PlanDepartment of Transportation
Special Fuel User LicenseDepartment of Transportation
Sign Permits - Outdoor AdvertisingDepartment of Transportation
NurseryeStop License
Food PurveyoreStop License
Weighing DeviceeStop License
Underground Storage Tank LicenseeStop License
Petroleum DealereStop License
Fur DealerFish, Wildlife & Parks
Fur Dealer's AgentFish, Wildlife & Parks
Commercial Fishing Ponds LicenseFish, Wildlife & Parks
Fur Farm LicenseFish, Wildlife & Parks
Commercial Bait SeiningFish, Wildlife & Parks
Game Bird Farm LicenseFish, Wildlife & Parks
Raptor Propagation PermitFish, Wildlife & Parks
Shooting Preserve LicenseFish, Wildlife & Parks
Taxidermist LicenseFish, Wildlife & Parks
Wild Animal Menagerie PermitFish, Wildlife & Parks
Zoo PermitFish, Wildlife & Parks
Roadside Menagerie PermitFish, Wildlife & Parks
Commercial WhitefishFish, Wildlife & Parks
Lottery Retailer LicenseMontana Lottery
Textbook Dealer LicenseOffice of Public Instruction
Educator LicenseOffice of Public Instruction
CabPublic Service Commission
Motor Carrier Authority - Taxi, Cab, Shuttle, Transfer and StoragePublic Service Commission
Shuttle ServicePublic Service Commission
TaxiPublic Service Commission
Transfer and StoragePublic Service Commission
Notary CommissionSecretary of State
Register to VoteSecretary of State
Voter RegistrationSecretary of State
Business RegistrationSecretary of State
Register your BusinessSecretary of State
State Tax Appeal BoardState Tax Appeal Board

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