How to Make Voluntary Contributions on Your Tax Return

April 10, 2019

You can use your tax return to donate to four programs:

Nongame Wildlife Program
Your contributions ensure the well-being of Montana’s watchable wildlife species.
Child Abuse Prevention
Your contributions fund services and activities related to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
Agriculture Literacy in Montana Schools
Your contributions ensure Montana’s young people have a better understanding of agriculture in our state.
Montana Military Family Relief Fund
Your contributions provide funding for grants that aid Montana families when a wage earner has been called to active military duty.

To donate, mark one of the boxes on the Contributions, Penalties and Interest Schedule on page 10 of the Montana Individual Income Tax Return (Form 2).

You may decide to donate $5, $10, $20, or any other amount you choose.

Your contribution will reduce the amount of refund or increase your tax due.

Taxpayers filing separately on the same form can now each donate separately to the program of their choice.

Six hands holding up letter shaped balloons spelling out the word "DONATE"