Director Beatty Tips Hat to Montana Values, Filing Taxes in New Ad Campaign

September 8, 2021

The Montana Department of Revenue is launching a new digital campaign reminding new residents, including anyone who is working remotely from the state or who moved to the state during the pandemic, to file a Montana income tax return.

Director Brendan Beatty, who also operates his family ranch, gives new neighbors a primer on Montana values: We leave gates how we find them, wave to the people we meet on our country roads, and are good neighbors.

Beatty then reminds new residents to file a Montana income tax return if they worked in Montana in the last year, and if they earned any income, including by teleworking.

“It’s the law. We have to enforce it,” Beatty says in the video. “And, it’s the neighborly thing to do to help pay the bills around here.”


For more information on Montana residency, and to download Montana tax forms and instructions, visit