Department of Revenue Urges Montanans to Check for Unclaimed Cash and Property

August 28, 2018

Thousands of Montanans have assets waiting in trust.

HELENA – Every year in Montana, millions of dollars and other personal assets go unclaimed. And every year, the Montana Department of Revenue encourages individuals and businesses to check whether some of that might be theirs.

The unclaimed property can come from a variety of sources such as forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks and money orders, insurance policy payments and unused gift certificates, as well as stocks, bonds and the contents from safe deposit boxes. By law, the Montana Department of Revenue holds unclaimed property in trust indefinitely for owners to claim.

Montanans can check their local newspapers over the next few months for ads and inserts from the department listing the owners of property that’s been reported as unclaimed during the last year.

Anyone can also check online for property that may be theirs, regardless of how long ago it was originally reported as unclaimed. Go to and click on the “Search for Unclaimed Cash” link to look up names. Follow the on-screen instructions to create and submit a claim.

“This unclaimed property belongs to thousands of individuals across Montana and the country, and the department is committed to returning these assets to their rightful owners,” said Gene Walborn, director of the Montana Department of Revenue. “All Montanans should check their local paper or go online and look for their names, as well as those of their loved ones and recently deceased family members. You never know what you’ll find.”

The department reminds Montanans that while some businesses may offer to help people find their property – for a fee – those commercial services are not necessary. Montanans and others do not have to pay to reclaim their own property, and can submit their claim online in just a few minutes.

For help with a claim or for more information, visit, call the department at (406) 444-6900 or email