Worker Permits

A marijuana worker permit is required for an employee who performs work for or on behalf of a marijuana business if the individual participates in any aspect of the marijuana business.

General Permit Information

  • Worker permits are issued for one year and must be renewed annually to remain active.
  • Workers do not need to be Montana residents
  • Worker permits must be always visible on the worker while performing work for a marijuana business
  • Worker permits are issued to individuals rather than their employer and may be used concurrently at multiple marijuana businesses if an individual works for multiple businesses.
  • Worker permits cannot be sold, given, or transferred to another individual.
  • You may apply for a worker permit starting at the age of 18.

Application Requirements

The photo will be used for the worker permit badge. It should resemble that of a driver’s license or passport photo and may not be enhanced or altered in any way.

  • The photo must be a clear, in color and taken from the shoulders up.
  • The photo must be taken within the last six months which reflects the applicant’s current appearance.
  • The background of the photo must be plain, light colored, and free of clutter.
  • The individual must be directly facing the camera with a neutral facial expression or natural smile with eyes open.
  • No hats, bandanas, face masks, or sunglasses are allowed in the photo.

Only marijuana testing lab employees must submit fingerprints on initial application and every five years. A signed consent to fingerprint form is required every year for testing lab employees to process name-based background checks.

Applicants must attach a copy of one of the following forms of photo ID (16-12-226, MCA):

  • Driver’s license issued by one of the fifty states in the United States
  • Identification card issued by one of the fifty states in the United States
  • Passport (does not have to be issued by the USA)

Individuals applying to work in the marijuana industry must complete the required education programs and submit a certificate verifying this education.

Currently there are two required education programs for an individual to complete in order to receive a worker permit:

  • Identifying, Preventing, and Reporting Human Trafficking
  • Rules & Regulations: Legal Sales of Marijuana in Montana

These certificates must be renewed each year prior to renewing a worker permit.

Provide your current certificates to your employer and maintain a copy for your personal records.

Training is available through

The annual fee for a worker permit is $50, plus a fee for the background check (owners and laboratory workers only).There is a $10 fee for replacement cards.

Applications will not be reviewed until payment is complete. Applicants can submit payment at time of application or afterwards.

Payment options include:

  • Credit or debit card,
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH),
  • Cash, check, or money order.

Electronic payments can be submitted through the TransAction Portal (TAP) while cash, check or money orders can be delivered via mail or in person at the Donovan Building in Helena.

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