Cannabis Control Division June Newsletter

June 3, 2024

Wholesale Labeling & Packaging Applications in TAP

The wholesale option has been added to Packaging and Labeling Applications in TAP. There is now a required section for the “Use Type” on both the package and label application. Wholesale is not available for exit packages.

All manufacturers of wholesale products must submit a package and label application with wholesale selected as the “Use Type.” Please submit these as custom applications to provide images. If there are no designs or graphics, please submit them as “Generic.”

Products that have already been approved on a previous application will not be charged again. The CCD staff will remove the fees before invoicing and approving.

Tax Compliance Presentation

The Business and Income Tax Division will host a presentation on tax compliance for all licensees. MCA 16-12-203(2) requires that all licensees must be compliant with all state taxes to be licensed. This presentation will be held on June 27, 2024, at 10 a.m. A link to register to attend the presentation will be sent via email. The presentation will also be recorded and made available on our website for those unable to attend.

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee Meeting

The Economic Interim Affairs Committee met on 05/07/24 to discuss the topic of marijuana.

The meeting can be observed at the link below:

Reminder Regarding Marijuana Worker Permits

Individuals wishing to apply for a new/renewal Montana marijuana worker permit should only choose the Lab Employee option if they are going to work for a licensed testing laboratory. Those individuals will also require a fingerprint or name-based background check and the payment of additional fees.

Please note: Individuals employed by licensees in the manufacturing of marijuana products are not considered testing laboratory workers.

Department Access to Licensed Premises

Per ARM 42.39.501(3), a licensee and its employees must cooperate with the department during an inspection. The licensee must allow inspectors full access to the licensed premises, including any safes or other storage compartments, provide requested copies of documents or videos, and allow inspectors to complete an inspection.

Failure of a licensee to cooperate could result in denial, reprimand, suspension, or revocation of a license.

Updates from the Synthetic Advisory Council

The Synthetic Advisory Council last met on 05/24/24. The meeting is available for review at this link.

Public comments are welcome and can be sent to

Letters of Occupancy

The Cannabis Control Division/Department of Revenue has been coordinating with The Department of Labor and Industry to make building approval and CCD licensing more efficient. As a result of these conversations, we ask that you no longer submit a “Letter of Occupancy” for Cannabis Building Inspections. Instead, all Cannabis licensees should submit the Cannabis Building Inspection Form.

You will also find instructions on how to complete it, who to call, and an email address.

This is a one-time form unless changes are made; changes will require a physical inspection.