Cannabis Control Division August Newsletter

August 15, 2022

In this month’s newsletter, learn more about the following:

  • Clarification regarding curbside service and delivery
  • Cyberattacks-how they can affect your business and protective strategies
  • Renewal timing
  • Product packaging and labeling changes after department approval
  • Post inspection report
  • Guide to submitting Statement of Deficiencies Response
  • Edible guideline: branded products

Clarification regarding curbside service and delivery

CCD wishes to remind all dispensaries that curbside service and delivery of marijuana products is only permitted for registered cardholders:
MCA 16-12-207 (4): A licensee may not sell or otherwise transfer marijuana or marijuana products through a drive-up window, except that a dispensary may hand-deliver marijuana or marijuana products to a registered cardholder in a vehicle that is parked immediately outside the subject dispensary.


Cyberattacks can pose a serious threat to businesses, including the marijuana industry.

For tips on how to assist your business in mitigating these attacks, click on this article.

Renewal Timing

Please remember to submit your renewal application at least sixty days before the expiration of your license to avoid any interruption to your business operations.

Packaging and labeling changes after department approval

Reminder: If your packaging and labeling does change, you need to reapply to CCD for review and reapproval.
CCD strongly encourages ALL licensees to reference the Labeling and Packaging Guide, as well as the Package and Label Submission Guide available on our website.

Post inspection report

After a licensee is inspected by the department, the licensee will receive a post inspection report, even if no deficiencies are identified or corrective action required.

Guide to submitting Statement of Deficiencies Response

Are you a licensee that needs to submit a Statement of Deficiencies Response and the Required Documentation, post-inspection? CCD has created a guide to assist you. Click here.

Guideline for edibles: branded products

Per ARM 42.39.401(12), marijuana manufacturers are not permitted to use a branded, commercially manufactured food product as an edible. Licensees carrying commercially recognizable products (e.g. Rice Krispy treats, Nerd ropes, etc.) will be permitted to sell out of their current inventory

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