Product Information

The Montana Department of Revenue distributes all distilled spirits and fortified wines from our liquor warehouse. Agency liquor stores are able to order products from our warehouse using the TransAction Portal.

Product Classification

A product’s class determines if it is available in our warehouse and how it is priced.

We maintain three classes of products based on their sales and availability.

Regular List Products

Regular list products are:

  • The highest-selling products in the state
  • Available all year round
  • Products available in Montana for at least six months

Maintained Special Order Products

Maintained special order products are:

  • The highest-selling 350 special order items
  • Available all year round

Not Maintained Special Order Products

If products do not qualify for the two categories above, we do not keep them in our warehouse.

Price Books

The prices listed in this book are fixed for regular list products only. Special order products are subject to price changes at any time.

Licensees also receive an 8% discount on regular list products they purchase by the case. There is no discount for special order products or products sold by the bottle.