Alcoholic Beverage Control Division


Becky Schlauch
Division Administrator


Steven Swanson
Operations Officer

The Division Operating Officer is responsible for directing all activities for the operation of the state liquor warehouse. The Division Operating Officer is second in command and fills in for the Administrator in their absence.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division provides effective and efficient administration of the Montana alcoholic beverage code with an emphasis on customer service and public safety by applying uniform and fair regulations while ensuring an orderly system for the convenient distribution and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Outreach and Education

Alcoholic Beverage Control Division administers the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act. We manage the state alcohol sales and service training program called Your Community Matters. The Department of Revenue relies heavily on volunteers to teach the state’s responsible alcohol sales and service training program.

The Outreach and Education Coordinator and Outreach & Education Specialists are responsible for developing, implementing, and administering alcoholic beverage educational efforts and overseeing the Responsible Sales and Service Training Act.

The Outreach and Education Specialists teach about the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol and how to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages to sellers, servers, distributors, and manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and law enforcement.

The Outreach and Education Coordinator works independently from the Division’s Bureaus to provide impartial assistance. The Outreach Coordinator works to help licensees, the public, Montana communities, officials, and anyone else interested in or who wants to get involved in the alcoholic beverage industry. The Outreach and Education Coordinator and Specialists also educate licensees, law enforcement, city and county attorneys, and the general public about the alcoholic beverage code.


Dacia English
Outreach & Education Coordinator

Lisa Clayborn
Outreach & Education Specialist

Kent Haab
Outreach & Education Specialist

Licensing Bureau

The Licensing Bureau licenses and regulates all entities that produce, import, distribute, or sell alcoholic beverages in Montana. We process applications, renewals, transfers, and registrations for retail and wholesale alcoholic beverage licenses and permits.

Moreen Swingley headshot

Moreen Swingley
Bureau Chief

Liquor Distribution Bureau

Liquor Distribution manages state wholesale liquor operations, including warehouse shipping and receiving, accounts receivable and payable, inventory management, liquor order processing, agency contract management, and customer service.


Jason (Jay) Gaughan
Bureau Chief