Request for Informal Classification and Appraisal Review (Form AB-26)

June 21, 2023

You may use this form to request an informal review of your property. The informal review lets you explain why you believe our classification or value is wrong and lets us address your concerns.

Time Sensitive Information

The Request for Informal Classification and Appraisal Review (Form AB-26) must be submitted within 30 days from the date on your classification and appraisal notice. The department will review your request for informal review and if we determine any valuation adjustments are warranted, the adjustments will apply to tax years 2023-2024.

If you miss the 30-day deadline in 2023, you will have until June 1, 2024 to submit a request for informal review. Please note, any valuation adjustments will apply only for tax year 2024.

If you would like an example of how to read your classification and appraisal notice and more information on your options, please visit our Appraisal Notice Next Steps guide.

For assistance in downloading, completing, and emailing this form, please see our Form AB-26 Email Instructions.