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Cigarette Taxes

Consumer Counsel Fee (CCT)

Contractor’s 1% Gross Receipts Tax (CGR)

Emergency Telephone System Fee

Find Unclaimed Property

General Sales Tax

Hospital Facility Utilization Fee (HUF)

Intermediate Care Facility Utilization Fee (ICFUF)

Late Fees, Interest, and Penalties

Local Resort Tax

Lodging Facility Sales and Use Tax

Medical Marijuana Provider Tax

Moist Snuff Taxes

Nursing Facility Utilization Fee (NFBT)

Other Tobacco Product Taxes

Public Service Regulation Fee (PSR)

Rental Vehicle Tax (RVT)

Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax (RTE)

Tax Appeal Process

TDD Telecommunications Service Fee

Unclaimed Property Holders

Unlocatable Mineral Trusts

Wholesale Energy Transaction (WET) Tax