Centrally Assessed properties are appraised and taxed at the state level instead of the county level.

Centrally Assessed Properties Include

  • Railroad
  • Rail car
  • Microwave Transmitters
  • Telecommunications
  • Telephone cooperatives
  • Gas utilities
  • Electric utilities
  • Electric cooperatives
  • Ditch
  • Canal
  • Flume
  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Oil pipeline
  • Airlines

Centrally Assessed Requirements

To be centrally assessed, the property must be either:

Physically Connected Property
The company has property that crosses a county or state line.
Unity of Operation
The company has property that works as a single entity across a county or state line, even if it isn’t physically connected.

(15-23-101, MCA and ARM 42.22.102)

Centrally Assessed Property Appraisal

We value Centrally Assessed property using the Unit method and may include a:

  • Cost indicator
  • Capitalized income indicator
  • Market indicator

We use an industry capitalization rate to estimate values when relying on the capitalized income indicator.

We perform an annual capitalization rate study for each industry to set the capitalization rates.

You can learn more about the study on our Capitalization Rate Studies page. (ARM 42.22.111)

Other Helpful Information