Montana currently has 15 property classes. We value each class differently, but all property types within the class are valued the same.

The table below lists all 15 classes, the standard used to determine the value, and how often we determine the value.

Property Classes

ClassDescriptionValuation StandardValue Cycle
1Net proceeds of minesNet proceedsEvery year
2Gross proceeds of metal minesGross proceedsEvery year
3Agricultural landProduction valueEvery 2 years
4Residential, commercial, and industrial land and improvementsMarket valueEvery 2 years
5Pollution control equipment
Independent and rural electric and telephone cooperatives
New and expanding industry
Electrolytic reduction facilities
Research and development firms
Gasohol production property
Market valueEvery year
7Noncentrally assessed utilitiesMarket valueEvery year
8Business equipmentMarket valueEvery year
9Pipelines and nonelectric generating property of electric utilitiesMarket valueEvery year
10Forest landProduction ValueEvery 6 years
12Airlines and railroadsMarket valueEvery year
13Telecommunication utilities and the electric generation property of electric utilitiesMarket valueEvery year
14Renewable energy production and transmission propertyMarket valueEvery Year
15Carbon dioxide and liquid pipeline propertyMarket valueEvery year
16High voltage DC converter propertyMarket valueEvery year
17Qualified Data CentersMarket ValueEvery Year