Relinquishment Request Guide

1. Log into TransAction Portal (TAP).

You will need a TransAction Portal log-in 

  • Put in your user name and password
  • Click “Log In”

 2. Access your account options:

  • Access the Cannabis License section
  • Click “More” on the Cannabis License section
  • Under “Account Options”, click “Relinquish Licenses or Sites”

3. Confirm the licensee. Enter your name, phone number, and email.

4. Relinquish your license:

To relinquish an entire license, select the license to be relinquished and the site(s) associated with that license.

To relinquish individual sites, only select the site(s) under “Sites to Relinquish”.

To relinquish all of your cannabis licenses and sites, select every box under “Licenses to Relinquish” and under
“Sites to Relinquish.”

Once you have selected the license(s) and site(s) to be relinquished, you may provide a reason. Then click “Next”.

Please review your request to confirm you have selected the correct license(s) and site(s). After confirming all information is correct, click “Next”.

Confirm your request by checking the box, entering your full name, and then clicking “Submit”.

Your submission will be sent to the Cannabis Control Division to be processed. An inspector will contact you to schedule a relinquishment inspection.

After the inspection, you may receive a Deficiency Report. If you do receive a Deficiency Report, you must submit a Deficiency Response.

If no deficiencies are cited, you will receive a letter approving your relinquishment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cannabis Control Division at (406) 444-0596 or email