Cannabis Control Division October Newsletter

October 3, 2022

In this month’s newsletter: 

  • Minors and dispensaries 
  • Know before you grow 
  • Trade shows and community events 
  • Alcohol at licensed premises 

Minors and dispensaries

Minors are not allowed in dispensaries unless they are: 

  1. a registered cardholder; and  
  2. accompanied by their parent or legal guardian 

Know Before You Grow

Are you a Montana resident, 21 years of age or older, and interested in self-cultivation and self-storage of your own personal marijuana?

The Cannabis Control Division has information for those individuals interested in personal marijuana cultivation who may be unaware of the current rules and regulations.

Trade shows and community events

CCD would like to remind all marijuana-related businesses that while attending or having a ‘booth’ at trade shows or similar community events, that no product of any kind can be given away, demonstrated, or sold.

These events are not considered licensed locations, which is a requirement for any marijuana transactions.

Alcohol at licensed premises

Reminder: pursuant to 16-12-208(7), MCA, a marijuana dispensary may not sell or otherwise transfer alcohol from a licensed premises. This includes offering free alcohol at community events such as Missoula’s First Friday, Helena’s Art Walk, and the like.

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