Alcoholic Beverage License Availability

December 22, 2021

The department conducted a review of the populations provided by the United States Census Bureau and have determined that the following licenses are now available:

Available License Type Quota Area
1 Beer License Great Falls
7 All-Beverage (Floater) Licenses Billings
3 Beer License Billings
3 Restaurant Beer and Wine Licenses Billings
2 All-Beverage (Floater) Licenses Bozeman
2 All-Beverage (Floater) Licenses Manhattan
1 All-Beverage (New) License Hill County
1 All-Beverage (Floater) License Beaverhead County
1 All-Beverage (New) License Valley County
1 All-Beverage (Floater) License Columbus
1 All-Beverage (New) License Broadwater County
1 Beer License Livingston

These licenses are subject to the competitive bid process and will be made available for bidding in a future competitive bidding opportunity.

Lastly, (1) additional Restaurant Beer and Wine (RBW) license located in Billings is now allowed to have a seating capacity of 101 persons or more. This seating capacity is available on a first come, first serve basis. This seating capacity is available to (1) existing Billings RBW licensee who currently has a seating capacity of less than 101 persons or to a future Billings RBW competitive bid winner, whichever comes first. Contact Hunter Heffley at 406-444-4324 if interested.