Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Individual Income, Estate, and Trust Payments

April 8, 2020

What payments are postponed from April 15 to July 15?
The payment deadlines that are extended are the taxes due with the 2019 income tax return for individuals, estates and trusts.
The payment of the first installment of 2020 estimated tax for individuals, estates and trusts that was due April 15, 2020 is also postponed to July 15, 2020. However, the second installment of estimated tax is still due on June 15.
The due dates to pay taxes for other tax types are not postponed.
Will the calculation of the 2019 interest on underpayment of estimated tax change?
No, the date used to calculate underpayment of estimated taxes does not change.
If you did not pay all the estimated taxes owed for the 2019 quarterly installments, no additional underpayment of estimated taxes will be assessed based on the postponement of the payment due date.
Is the extended due date also postponed?
No, the extended due date is not postponed. The automatic extension for individuals, estates and trusts is still October 15, 2020.
If the change of due date for the federal return has an effect in what is taxable or deductible on my federal return, does Montana income tax conform to the federal treatment?
In general, if the postponement of the federal due date results in an amount being includable or deductible from gross income—for example the deductibility of contributions to an IRA before July 15—then the same amount is includable or deductible for Montana tax purposes.
See the IRS Website for more information.