COVID-19 Impact on Property Assessment

March 26, 2020

The following letter was issued by the department:

County Commissioners
Clerk and Recorders
County Treasurers
Montana Association of Counties
Montana League of Cities and Towns
Gordy Conn, Administrator, Property Assessment Division
March 26, 2020
COVID-19 Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division

The Department of Revenue is continually monitoring the COVID-19 effects on Montana and adjusting our work plans accordingly. We are implementing social distancing standards within our offices and actively enabling many of our staff to work from home. As with other public offices, we have closed our doors to unscheduled public visits. Phone numbers for property owners to call for questions, or to set up an appointment will be posted at each office. If a meeting or person to person conversation is needed, staff will maintain a safe environment and keep the discussion brief. We will be limiting the work that our appraisers will be doing in the field. Appraisers will avoid direct interactions with property owners and will not enter occupied properties.

Where we have DOR employees located within county buildings, we will cooperatively work with each county as public access limitations and building/workspace requirements are put into place.

We are on track to have the mobile home assessment notices processed according to our original schedule. State services will be available to print and mail the notices to homeowners, which will begin this week. The notices will be dated April 3, 2020, and downloads for all counties are planned for a March 30 delivery.

Our status and planning may change at any time. We will provide timely communications, and we are providing information on our website, We will provide our planned schedule for personal property and real property classification and appraisal notices within a couple weeks.

Thank you.