Property Tax Relief Determination Letters

May 2, 2019

The department’s Property Assessment Division has begun to review Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP) and Montana Disabled Veteran (MDV) applications to determine qualification for property tax reduction in Tax Year 2019.

All applicants will receive a determination letter from the department in May.

The letters will inform applicants whether or not a reduction was granted and if granted, the percent reduction.

Appealing the Decision

If something has significantly affected your income since 2017, such as a divorce or the death of your spouse, we may be able to adjust your benefit. Please contact the local Department of Revenue field office for your county.

If not, this is a final decision of the Department of Revenue.

You may appeal this decision to the Montana Tax Appeal Board within 30 days after the date on this notification.

More information about the appeals process is available on the Montana Tax Appeal Board’s website.