Revenue Department Certifies 2018 Taxable Values for Montana Counties

Helena -The Montana Department of Revenue announces it has successfully completed its annual requirement to certify taxable values of property in the state’s 56 counties.

Under state law, the department’s property assessment offices are responsible for providing the total taxable value of property to each taxing jurisdiction by the first Monday in August. The certified values include mobile homes, personal property business equipment, real property, and centrally assessed properties.

The 2018 certified taxable values for every taxing jurisdiction and the statewide totals are available at

“Performing our job with accountability to local governments builds our working relationships with them and allows for efficient and effective tax administration locally and statewide,” said Revenue Department Director Gene Walborn. “We’d like to thank the county treasurers and officials for their understanding and cooperation throughout the recent changes in department structure to adhere to state budget constraints.”

Local governments establish their budgets and set their mill levies for property tax calculations and collections based on the certified taxable value provided to each taxing jurisdiction.

“Certifying values accurately and on time allows local governments to begin their processes of setting budgets and mills in a timely manner,” said Shauna Helfert, Administrator for the department’s Property Assessment Division. “When we provide good service, then local governments can better serve their communities.”

Property values for Centrally Assessed properties are down compared to last year. The department attributes the decrease in value to lower market values for railroads, a material decrease in taxable value for pipelines resulting from a 2018 Supreme Court decision, and decrease from the telecommunications industry.

Property tax collections are the primary revenue source for local governments to provide public services such as police and fire protection, schools, roads and bridges, and public health and safety.

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